My Lost Butterfly by Janatul Islah Mohammad

Penerbit USIM PRESS, 2019, 166 pg.

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Review by Aqilah Fauzi*

My Lost Butterfly has 25 chapter that generally recount the experiences of a 41-year-old woman with Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. This book examines the symptoms, early signs, author’s lifestyle, preventive measures, initial treatment, methods and treatment as well as postoperative effects.

This book or I would say an amazing journey-wrote is a storyline about health and awareness. My Lost Butterfly is a book about the journey of a Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma sufferer. This book tells how the author dealt with his illness and the courage to first tell the doctor about the lump in her neck.

The advantages of this book is that the storyline was not boring and not too theoretical yet reader still get the input and knowledge needed. There’s some health related books that look denser and heavier but not for My Lost Butterfly. My Lost Butterfly still inserts daily activities, holidays they have to be postponed and some of them which successful to fly with. Besides, the author mentions the names of every doctor and hospital involved throughout the treatment so that we can refer them as well. My Lost Butterfly can be an inspiration to anyone who has a family member involved with cancer or any other disease because the support system shown in this book is very appropriate to support the mental health of  the fighter.

I could not find any weakness in this writing except for the spirit of the author who always fall down every time she receives any news or need to undergo a surgery. But the spirit was successfully aroused by her husband who never gave up urging his wife to fight the disease.

I guest everyone should in love to the way she rewards herself after a little recovery from the treatment even she knows the cons will run after her and she still need to undergo some more painful treatments. Everyone should have this kind of self-motivation to walk upward. Overall, My Lost Butterfly is a quick heal antivirus pro 2016 product key warm-hearted-journey written corel draw 2018 serial number by a very strong woman.