Director’s Welcome

Rebranding of USIM Press in 2023 is one of the university’s initiatives to provide a new perspective to USIM Press. The Publication Division is now known as Publication Center. The 20 years of Publication Center’s contribution in publication is a continuous effort by a team consisting of various layers of staff continuing to improve the quality and quantity of book in USIM, also Malaysia.

Malaysia publication industry is in a unique group consisting of writers, publishers and distributors also numerous bookstores that become a platform to glorify books as the builder of the nation’s civilization.

USIM Publication Center plays an important role in contributing to national publication data. Despite focuses on scientific publications, there are also has a space for other books such as travelogues, general books, poetry and fiction. This diversity gives space to writers to choose books in various fields as a reference material. This kind of book is a builder of the nation’s civilization.

20 years in the publication industry; there are ups and downs, there are times of pain, but there are times when we laugh and enjoy the moment together as a family. My gratitude to all the publication team to continue contribute with me to publish books for community at “glocal” level. We will continue to support USIM writers to publish a book in various forms.

Director of USIM Press
Hariza Mohd Yusof