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USIM Publisher Has
A Clear Goal To Be
an Outstanding Publisher
In The Binary Knowledge of
Naqli and Aqli

Leading the number of scientific book publications locally and globally


USIM Publisher or USIM PRESS is a university publisher that is active in the world of scientific book publishing. Beginning its history on 10 February 2003 as a unit, it has now been almost 20 years since USIM Publishers have been in the national book publishing industry.

Various genres of publications are already in our radar, including the main focus of scientific publications as a corpus of knowledge, not to mention other genre publications such as the publication of general books, textbooks/modules, fiction and poetry. This variety of publications is a modus operandi to meet the demands of the community and as a reference for the ummah. With the number of publications increasing every year, and collaboration partners of various countries such as Jordan, Japan, Germany, Australia and so on, it appears in various forms of cooperation to realize the presence of USIM Publishers in the bookstore.

Today, our total publications have reached almost 1000 book titles in various fields such as social sciences, sharia and law, medicine, Quran & sunnah as well as science and technology. What is interesting, the publication of the book at USIM Publishers, is an integration between Naqli and Aqli knowledge. Moreover, under the joint auspices and also members of MAPIM-Malaysian Scientific Publishing Council, USIM Publishers is also active in various exhibitions around the world including the Frankfurt Book Fair which is held every year.

  • To increase the publication of books and scholarly publications in Malay, B. English and B. Arabic both in terms of quality and quantity.
  • Dignifying the excellence of knowledge in the form of publication of scientific books
  • To make USIM Publisher an excellent and respected Publisher in the publication of scientific books.
  • Offering professional publishing services such as editing, graphics, lettering and also managing publications for USIM citizens and clients outside USIM.
  • Operates as a responsibility center that also generates income from the sale of books and other products

USIM Publisher has a clear goal to be an excellent publisher in the field of Naqli and Aqli knowledge.

Leading the number of scientific book publications locally and globally

Dignifying the excellence of knowledge in the field of publishing.

In realizing the vision and mission of USIM Publishers to lead quality scholarly publications in the integration of Naqli and Aqli knowledge and various other fields, and also in line with USIM’s aspiration to be a leading knowledge institution based on Islamic studies and a new knowledge leader using the latest technology, for the benefit of the nation, the ummah and the universal human being, then we strive to fulfill the rights of customers as follows:

To student:

  • Publish quality materials to students as reference material for learning.
  • Provide space for students to jointly publish books according to learning needs and also current.

To Staff and Authors:

  • Publish the prescribed books within six months depending on the level of improvement.
  • Provide a platform and open space for lecturers or writers to create and publish books through USIM Publishers.
  • Provide relevant training to further improve the quality of writing and publication of books, papers and other publications.

To Stakeholders:

  • Produce and publish reading material that can be a source of reference to the community.
  • To make USIM Publisher as one of the reference centers for scientific publications that are respected and revered.



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